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Success Stories

Public Speaking

Successful executives who earn their way to the top don't stop learning once they get there.

One of our favorite clients is a politician who didn't fully realize his own potential until after retiring from public life to work in private enterprise. He is tough, smart, quick-witted, direct, and, at times, brutally frank — occasionally at exactly the wrong times. He resisted leadership coaching until his board insisted that he work with us. The qualities that made him a winner helped him become an outstanding leader. He learned to listen as well as talk; he listened to his heart as well as his intellect; he was able to maintain his core qualities and add patience and empathy to them. His final tough, smart, direct and brutally frank compliment to his coaches: "Son of a gun! If I'd met you 10 years sooner, I'd be Prime Minister."

We would be pleased to provide additional detail on this case history, and others, consistent with our pledge of confidentiality to the clients involved.

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