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National Leadership

Sometimes speaking out publicly can start a fight. Or stop it.

One of the more difficult cases we've handled involved corruption charges against a once-powerful politician. Rumors about the US Senator had floated for years, and in a perverse way had contributed to a favorable reputation in his home state. He could grant favors. He could get things done. He could bring home the bacon. He seemed to dance along a thin line between "clever" and "illegal" but for his constituents it seemed a useful dance. Things changed when a district attorney filed specific corruption charges. The DA instantly became one of the loneliest men on the planet. He was vilified and threatened. We traveled there to stand with him because we thought he was doing the right thing, and the times called for Fearless Communication. Long-story-short, over the long months that followed, the DA laid out the details of his charges, skillfully managed the court hearings, as well as a horde of reporters and photographers, and prevailed both in court and in the less-structured arena of public communications. It was a major achievement for the DA, for good government in his state, and for Fearless Communication. We were proud to be a part of it.

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Success stories
Sometimes the shortest distance between two points of view is a blunt fact.

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